Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ground Steak for $0.36 a pound -- Delivered to your door

FYI -- Apparently too many of us frugal people got in on the deal and now the minimum is being reported as spending $100. So I'm sorry for those of you who didn't jump at the chance for cheap meat. Mine says it was shipped -- I'll let you know if/when I get it.

This is one of the best deals I've gotten in a while. I first read about it at imommies.com and then at http://www.moneysavingmom.com/then I tweaked it a little. I was able to get 14 Omaha burger patties, a cutlery set, and a cutting board shipped for only $1.98. You can too.

Here's how:
1. First go here and register for Geico Privileges. You don't have to be a Geico customer. Within an hour or so they will send you an email with a gift card code for $25 off any Omaha purchase.
2. Then click thru this link and click on the coupon code that says "Free hamburgers, cutlery, and cutting board". It should be the second link.
3. At Omaha steaks put anything into your cart that equals at least $12.99. I ordered the 8 5 oz. Omaha Steaks Burgers.
4. Go to checkout. It will add in $13.99 for shipping but your $25 code from Omaha will take it off.
5. You can even pay with paypal funds if you want!
6. My total was $1.98.

This is amazing because if you calculate it out I'm getting ground steak for $0.36 a pound delivered straight to my door.

I should be receiving this on the 24th or earlier. I'll definatly be writing a review when I get this!


Julie said...

What a great deal! I signed up last night. I still have not gotten the email with the coupon code. Do you happen to have the coupon code? Thanks
Julie - CouponSavingFamily

Coupon Queen said...

Unfortunately everyone gets a different code because it is a gift card. You may have a problem getting the things that I did, because other bloggers have stated that Omaha Steaks went back and started canceling orders or taking away the free things. I belive that you can't even use the gift card now without a $100 purchase. Good luck and let me know what happens. I think there were so many of use frugal shoppers that Omaha Steaks had to start taking some action, unfortunately.